Hydrocyclone Desilter for drilling fluids is the 3rd stage solids control equipment for drilling fluids recycling system.

Desilter utilize smaller size Hydrocyclone to separate smaller size solids. Usually, 4 inch hydrocyclone used for drilling fluids desilter. It can remove drilling solids size over 27 microns.

Quality of hydrocyclones combined desilter various from 4 ea to 20 each, to get different treating capacity.

Shale shaker for fine solids separation is a develop trend for drlling rigs.

At present drilling site, more and more mud engineer choise to not match desander / desilter or machine with hydrcyclone. As its performance not stable and difficult for maintenance. You need to change cyclones very office, and every time for change, you need to stop the whole mud system.It incased the drilling cost somehow.

Shale shaker for fine solids separation comes out and welcomed by more and more people. It is shale shaker with very fine shaker screen and good conductance. It can separate even most fine solids in the mud. Relatively, it requirest a higher quality and more reliable performance of the shale shaker.

Mud recovery desander and desilter is the 2nd and 3rd stage solids control equipment used for drilling field.

Desander used followed with shale shaker. It usually use 1~3 eah desander cone sizing from 6’’ ~ 20’’ , depends on different applications.Desander can separate solids over 40 micrones.

Desilter used followed with desander. It usually mount 4~20 each desilter cone side from 2~5 inch. But 4’’ mostly used. It can be used to removed solids over 27 micrones.

A big or small shale shaker can be used under desander & desilter, then worked as mud cleaner. It can inscrease the separation performance of the whole machine.

Desander is the third phase solids control equipment.It is usually followed shale shaker and next it is desilter.

Desander usually combined with a underfluid shale shaker, hydrocylone parts (usually 10’’)


Underfluids shale shaker is option. Hydrocyclone parts can match to match 2 ~ 3. Cone material choose from 100% Polyurethane (PU), with longer using lift,and interchangeable with Derrick.

Flexable fast connection are available for user friendly assy.

A client for microtunneling construction find us to offer solids control solution for their Middle East Project.They want to move solids over 0.3mm after treatment.

We match GNPJ703-D double dech shale shake mud cleaner. Bottom layer deck used as shale shaker,use 3mm shaker screen. Top layer deck used as mud cleaner,use 0.3mm screen. 

For Hydrocyclone parts,clients want only 1 cone, GN choose a 20’’ big cone mounted on GNPS703-D shale shaker. In this case, solids over 0.3mm can be move away after treated of mud cleaner. Clients are using the plant now, happy with it.