GN Solids Control manufactures customized dewatering units.

GN design dewatering unit is complete containerized unit with various pump and decanter centrifuges.

20’ Containerized Dewatering Unit is a smaller size dewatering unit, GN have big size 40ft for option.

GN provide optimum performance when combined with GN proprietary dewatering centrifuge. with PLC control. It is easy for operation and reliable for running.

GN 20’ mobile dewatering unit can be transported as a standard container for overseas and land shipping. The system includes all the standard dewatering components with the centrifuge mounted on a separate telescoping skid or on your own mud tank.

Decanter centrifuge is the most important and the most cost separation machine for sludge dewatering unit.

GN Solids Control have sold over 150 decanter centrifuge to Africa and South America, like Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela,Mexico, Algeria, Tunisia, Nigeria, Egypt, Libya and other countries.

Many of the decanter centrifuge is for rent service and used for dewatering unit.  

If you want to rent a dewatering decanter centrifuge, or if you want to buy a used dewatering decanter centrifuge with good price, contact GN now:

Visit website:  

CTC: Ms. Vivi Wang

Mobile:+86- 18632565675 / 

Mud gas separator is used to treat the gas invade mud. The gas invade med usually goes into choke manifold to lower down presure and then go into mud gas separator to kill the gas.

For easy mmovement, many drilling job site requrest mud gas separator and choke manufold mounted in the same skid.

GN have designed and made ZYQ series mud gas separator is one of the hot sale model woldwide. It is foldable and mounted together with choke manifold.

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GNZCQ270 is the most common vacuum degasser model. The capacity can meet most demands of different drilling site. It is interchangeable with most U.S separator models.

GNZCQ270 vacuum degasser is self suction type. While most US. brand vacuum degasser, they need a separate centrifugal pump feeding for it. It is a waste of power.

GNZCQ270 vacuum degasser utilize 2 motors. Main motor 22kw drive for the main machine, while a 3kw smaller motor power for the vacuum pump.

Vacuum degasser separator usually used after shale shaker and before desander/desilter. For details of GNZCQ270 vacuum degasser, visit GN websit.