GN engineer just came back from Middle Asia, They have made commission job for a GN500 GPM mud cleaning system for HDD rig.

This unit mud cleaning unit with capacity 500GPM. It is designed per customer specified requirement and GN professional engineering standard .

The 500GPM mud cleaning system for HDD rig is including 2 phase solids separation:

1) 1 unit mini cleaner with under shale shaker GNZS703 double deck model and 8 ea desilter cyclone.

2) 1 unit mixing hopper

3) 2 units centrifugal pump one for mud transferring to desilter cone while another one used as mixing pump.

4) 1 unit mud tank divided into 2 compartments for sand trap and mud mixing tank.

Strong practicability and cost saving always make GN mud cleaning unit satisfy the customer.

For a better sealing and reliable performance, all GN centrifugal pump utilize mechanical seal.

It is one of the most important parts for centrifugal pump. Cost of mechanical seal is much more higher the common sealing material.

For saving cost, many Chinese company used packing for sealing the centrifugal pump. It is easier for mud leak with the packings.

Common material for packing are 2 kinds:

1) Asbestos packing: In many European countries, asbestos is forbidden as bad to human health

2) Aramid fiber packing: it is also a kind of chemical material, and but good for sealing

Slurry feeding pump is widely used for HDD mud system.

Slurry pump for feeding HDD mud system is a kind of vertical single stage and single suction system overhung centrifugal pump.

Strong points of slurry feeding pump for HDD mud system:

1) Fluids Touch Material for slurry pump:  High chromium cast steel (Cr26)

2) Maintainence free design:No bearing and Gland Seal between impeller and pump body of the slurry feeding pump

3) Production Standard: API Q1   & ISO/TS29001  & ISO 9001:2008

4) Coating for the slurry feeding pump for HDD:Japan Kansai Brand (Epoxy zinc rich Coating)

A common type of liquid-mud plant is actually a series of VFD decanting centrifuge and feeding pump. Before go into decanting centrifuge, the useful drilling fluid go through flocculation system for treatment. Fine solids can be polymerized into larger size for an easy separation.


GN Solids Control as the only one Chinese company specialized both for solids control and waste management, has rich experience for international cooperation.