High G dryer (high G dryer) and vertical cutting dryer (vatex dryer) are the main equipmetn of waste management system.

Many clients cannot well tell the difference of them.

From function:

High G dryer (high G dryer) is mainly used for water base drilling cuttings. Like GNZS853 high G shaker. 

Vertical cutting dryer (vatex dryer) is mainly used for oil base mud. With water base cutting, cannot work well.

Regarding cost, vertical cutting dryer is a relative expensive equipment compared with high G shaker.

Users can shoose right equipment according to his own mud condition.

As the only one China manufacturer on complete line solids control and waste management, there are many clients inquire GN about waste management system.

Below is the general recommondation from GN:

1) for oil based mud : 1 ea GNCD930 extractor + 1 ea GNLW363G decanter centrifuge

2) for water based mud: 1 ea GNZS853 high G shale shaker + 1 ea GNLW363G decanter centrifuge

It is the most basic and effective proposal.Clients can choose other equipments accordingly.

Drilling waste extractor is mainly used for oil based mud, worked together with dewatering centrifuge (GNLW series).

Drilling waste extractor is mainly used to further recover drilling fluids from oil based drilling cuttings. It can recover valuable fluids from drilling waste, reduce drilling cost.

And the extractor can reduce water content in drilling cuttings, enlarge treating capacity of next step machine.

More and more countires have strict rules on environmental protection,and increase standard of drilling cutting discharge.In this case,waste management as a growing project involved by more and more people.

As the only one solids control and waste management manufacurer in China,many clients ask us cost of complete waste management project.

Main cost of the sysyem depens on centrifuge and vertical cutting dryer. In order to reduce cost, we usually recommend clients with GNCD930 vertical cutting dryre and GNLW363 centrifuge. For new comers of waste management field, it is a cost-effective combination.

For more detailed information, pls visit GN website or contact GN.

Many Nigeria clients inquired us about waste management system. They present business is related to oil and gas drilling, and want to expand business line with waste management.

Consider them new comers, for saving cost,GN recommend them with a GNCD930 vertical cutting dryer and GNLW363VFD centrifuge.Complete with screw conveyor and tanks prepared locally to save cost. It can be used for treatment of oil based mud. Clients interest in this proposal very much. You can contact GN for more information for waste mangement system.GN can offer you customized solutions.