Some clients cannot tell difference of fixed speed centrifuge and fix speed centrifuge, they wonder while price for each so difference.

Centrifuge itself for the 2 types is the same. The different lies in electric control panel.For a fixed speed centrifuge, usually, a smaller control panel mounted on the pedestal of centrifuge, to control its on and off, and for emergency stop.In some condition, clients, want better explosion proof and do not want hydraulic drive, they will require a bigger box for fixed speed.

Variable speed centrifuge mainly used for liquid-mud plant and waste management. it uses a big VFD control panel. The control is too big to set on the same skid with centrifuge.Beside control on and off, if also offer control speed of main dirve, back drive, and sometime, feeding pump.

No rig can drill without generating waste. The types of waste generated include drill cuttings, waste water, spent drilling fluids, completion fluids and filtration wastes. Mostly, drilling waste from well head recovered while through solids control system and waste management system. Recovered fluids returned to well head for drilling. Dryed cuttings moved away by trucks for construction or paving.

But while the well finished or rig stop, drilling fluids from well head cannot discharge directly to environment. Drilling cuttings can be treated by solids control and waste management system:shale shaker, desander, desilter, centrifuge,high G., vertical cutting dryer,etc…

Great amount or fluid-phase waste generated, which is formerly recycling to wellhead for drilling. In this case, liquid-mud plant need be used.

GNLW553 series High Volume Centrifuge with a big bowl diameter 550mm (1’10’’), bowl length is (5’11’’).

Other specifications as following:

Max. capacity: 90m ³/ h (400GPM)

Bowl speed for fixed speed high volume centrifuge:   3200rpm (Max.)

Bowl speed for VFD high volume centrifuge:   0~3200rpm (Max.)

G force:    3,000 G (Max.)

Separation point: 2µm

Main drive: 55kw (75hp)

Back drive: 15kw (20hp)


China top solids control manufacturer – GN Solids Control utilize Pressurized VFD Control Panel for its VFD centrifuge. It is necessary for High Temperture Area, like Middle East, Affric, etc…GN only choose top brand materials for its high volume centrifuge GNLW553, like:

Sweden original SKF bearing;

SIEMENS VFD,and Scheider Components;

Bowl & screw & collection box material:   SS316L

Screw Protection:     tungsten alloy tile

Solids Discharge Port:  Interchangeable tunsten carton alloy ring


And regarding VFD high volume centrifuge GNLW553, 3 utilize 3 VFD, for main driver , back driver and feeding pump.

As a leading CBM drilling mud shale shaker manufacturer,GN Solids Control exported a lot of mud shale shaker to Australia and indonesia for CBM project.

Shale shaker is first phase solids control equipment in CBM drilling fluids processing system, also known as key solids control equipment in CBM drilling mud system, shale shaker decides performance of the whole solids control system. GN Solids Control can design double shakers and triplicate shakerson single skid according to clients’special requirements and also supply relevant connecting manifold, according to current industry situation, GN provide both third generation linear motion shale shaker and fourth generation balanced elliptical shale shaker.

For CBM Drilling,GN also have the BEM shale shaker

For Sinopec CBM drilling project in Indonesia,GN provided 2 CBM drilling mud systems to them.

Coal-Bed Methane – CBM Drilling
Coal-Bed Methane (CBM) Drilling is performed with rotary and core drilling equipment.   Rotary rigs are used to drill and set casing for production wells, and, along with core drills, are used to drill long directionally-drilled holes into coal seams from which
coal-bed methane gas is extracted.  Due to the occurrence of gas, blow-out preventers are often needed.CBM drilling mud system is very important for CBM

This discription is from GN Solids Control customer: http://www.majordrilling.com