drilling waste management

Drilling waste management system
contains two main parts:

Solid Waste Management – Real time with
transfering equipment, to Hi G dryer shaker, or verticle cuttings dryer, and then
Solidification processes; liquid as liquid waste, or reused.

Waste Management
– Dewatering, Water Treatment and Solidification
of remaining Solids

The solidification process we use is the
world’s leading liquid waste disposal solution. Super-absorbent polymers
convert liquid waste streams into solids quickly with less, “bulking up”,
saving you time and money and reducing landfill volumes.  Process
equipment is easily operated at the liquid waste generation point, eliminating
the need for vacuum trucks, thus improving the safety and associated liability
of current liquid waste treatment programs. The GN drilling cuttings
solidification or stabilization unit is for final treatment of drilling
cuttings or waste sludge after the drying treatment by GN
vertical cuttings dryer
and high G drying shaker or decanter

GN Solids Control have designed and
developed its own way for waste management equipment to be used in different
applications, GN modular drilling waste management units are small
packages of different function for drilling waste management. The modular waste
management equipment include drilling cuttings transfer unit, high G dryer
shaker unit, waste mud transfer unit, packaged skid mounted vertical cuttings
dryer, and decanter
centrifuge with telescopic skid
, and drilling waste container.

The modules contains all the needed
process in solid waste management, or liquid waste handling process, and can be
easily combined together for different site. Sometimes the clients dig holes,
or build up a temporary highland, to save a lot of equipment cost, and at the
same time, keep the whole system, ZERO discharge.

Drilling waste decanter centrifuge can be used together with Chemical enhance dewatering unit. We call it dewatering unit. The total system is normally put in a 20ft container or a 40ft container, per customers’ request.

Chemical enhance dewatering unit, frankly speaking, it is a mixing system for chemicals. Chemical can be mixing and storage in the system per the set conditions. And then the qualified chemicals can be transferred to decanter centrifuge feeding pipe and mixed with mud before center into centrifuge for treatment.

Some customer is wondering: the decanter centrifuge is used to separate the fine solids from drilling mud, why chemical enhance dewatering unit is need together? And in which condition, the chemical enhance dewatering unit is needed?
The reason is that, decanter centrifuge is a kind of physical separation. It applies high G force and the differential speed to separate fine solids above 2 ~ 5 microns from drilling mud. For the even more fine solids smaller than 2 ~ 5 microns, decanter centrifuge is not worktable. They will be left in the fluids after separation. If customer want to separate this part of the ultra fine solids and get more pure water, chemical treatment is requested.    
The function of the chemical enhance is to make the fine solids in a bigger size, in this case, decanter centrifuge can treat it.

Then customer have another question, how they get the chemicals? How should they know which kind of chemicals should be add? How much should be add? How long time should be wait? How long time for mixing with drilling mud? If they buy centrifuge dewatering unit from GN Solids Control, can GN company offer chemicals to them? …
Answers as below: The centrifuge manufacturer or dewatering unit manufacturer, they normally only make the machine, they do not supplier chemicals. There are chemical company for all the jobs. What you should do then is to find a reliable chemical supplier, send them samples of your materials, and tell them result you want to get, the chemical engineer will test and offer you the suitable chemicals and instruct you how to use it.


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CIPPE is the short name of China
International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition.
It is the second largest worldwide oil show. It is held every March in Beijing
International Conference Center. Every year, nearly 2000 companies come from
different countries for the show. 

GN Solids Control is China top manufacturer
on drilling waste management equipment. GN group just back from 2015 CIPPE oil
show with big success. As a frequent comer for CIPPE oil show, GN takes its
latest and advanced design equipment for the show. And get great attention and
admiration from both his customers and competitors. They are surprised with GN’s
advanced design equipment and admire his big improvement year by year. There
are many customers work with GN for many year and experience GN growth by
themselves. Every year, GN will show them a complete new look with so many surprise.

Unlike other companies, GN will never copy
any one. GN only care the needs and request of customer and jobsite. And offer
customer with the most reliable products and services.

Drilling waste management equipment GN showed
for Beijing oil show

1) 9’’ Mini centrifuge decanter, GNLW223

It is the mini size decanter centrifuge,
mostly used for coal drilling with small capacity, small footprint and high
speed. It is also called baby centrifuge as its smart outlook. There are fixed
speed and VFD for option.

2) 14 in drilling waste management decanter centrifuge

It is an international high standard
centrifuge with top ranking material and latest design, catering for drilling
waste management.

As 14 inch centrifuge is the most normal size
for oil and gas drilling field, GN offers a Economic standard for option, with
good price but better quality than normal Chinese brand.

3) 18 in low speed centrifuge GNLW452

It is a economic standard centrifuge mainly
used for barite recovery, with reliable performance and good price.

4) 22 in big bowl decanter centrifuge GNLW553-VFD

It is a big bowl big capacity centrifuge
welcomed for mud solids control and drilling waste management field.

5) Progressive balance elliptical motion
shale shaker

6) Solids control shale shaker and mud

System for 2015 CIPPE oil show

1) GN takes a complete drilling waste
management drying system for the show, the system includes a high speed VFD
centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer.

2) Besides drilling waste management, GN is
China leading manufacturer for compact mud system for HDD, CBM, Coal Drilling,
piling, etc…

GNSM-500B mud cleaning system for piling was showed on
2015 CIPPE.

And all the systems and most of the equipment
have been sold out already. GN now arrange shipment for them after the show.


Right now, a national Oil Show is beingheld in Sichuan Province, China. Many companies, both from domestic China andabroad, are attending the Oil Show. For this Oil Show, GN Solids Control showed
the newly designed drilling waste management system GNDC-40B.

Sichuan Province is located in south east
of China, in which there are several drilling rig suppliers and oil field
service companies. Some international oil companies also have branch or jobsite
there. Just last year, this same system which GN are showing for the oil show
was chosen by a jobsite of SHELL, in Sichuan Province.

This system is combined by following

GNLW363 Decanter Centrifuge.
this centrifuge is a 14 inch bowl decanter centrifuge.
for the same model, GN has developed to the 3rd generation, with
lots of improvements. Each year, GN sells 150 sets of centrifuges, 70% of which
are this model. This centrifuge could provide various applications for oil and
gas drilling projects, like solids control decanter centrifuge, waste
management decanter centrifuge and dewatering centrifuge. For the same model,
GN has fixed speed one and vfd control panel one for option, for fixed speed
one, GN could provide 3 optional belt and pulley for the end user to use it in
different conditions, and for VFD controlled one, more optional speed could be
reached by means of the 3 VFD controlled models for main motor, back motor and
feeding pump.

Vertical cuttings dryers, this
is the former step separation equipment for decanter centrifuge. Since GN
designed the first vertical cuttings dryer in China, GNCD series vertical cuttings dryer has
been to the 3rd generation. This newly improved model GNCD930C is
proved to suit for not only OBM and SBM as traditional vertical cuttings
dryers, but also suitable for WBM. For the Vertical Cuttings dryer, GN also
have fixed speeded and VFD controlled available.

If you miss the Sichuan Oil Show but still
like to see GN products, you could arrange your schedule to Beijing Oil Show,
the biggest Oil Show CIPPE. In CIPPE, GN will have a larger booth and show
more equipments and systems.

GN Booth number : E1-E360.

Time: March 26th – 28th.


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Being an expert of solids control equipment and drilling waste management equipment, Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is focused on designing, manufacturing and selling decanter centrifuge. Decanter centrifuge not just can be used as solids control equipment serving as the final stage to split up particle which having a diameter under 10 microns, more specific, two to five microns, but additionally can be used to purify mud released from vertical cutting dryer inside a drilling waste management system.

 GN Solids Control presently has a set of NEW decanter centrifuge GNLW454G on purchase with 30% discount. Just only one is on discount, and that one has been produced and examined, and today inside a ready station for delivery to around the globe. The primary parameters of the new decanter centrifuge shows up blow.

 It features a bowl size 18inches (450mm) having a draw ratio about 3.7 to at least one, it bowls length being 67 inches (1720mm). The bowl speed is 2200 Revolutions per minute or 2500 Revolutions per minute based on different pulley, creating an optimum G pressure 1573G.Treating capacity of the new decanter centrifuge is 60 cubic meters each hour. And also the primary motor is 45kw; the rear drive motor is 15kw.

 Why GN makes this type of discount for this new decanter centrifuge? The essential reason is the fact that GN has stopped producing GNLW454G decanter centrifuge, and changed it with GNLW454-VFD series decanter centrifuge, which have a similar bowl diameter, but have shorter bowl length and speed, plus they creates a high G pressure. While there no necessity to doubt the post sales service when you purchased it, since the core technology is identical. And also the putting on spares will also be same, so that you can still purchase add-on spares part from GN solids control.  Just one is on sales, be quick!

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