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OTC acrylic show is finish, that was hold in 2-5 May well, 2016, in Houston, ARIZONA, USA. After about three month’s preparation, GN Solids Control successfully finishes the actual OTC oil show. We certainly have two booths there to help deeper our brand affect, equipment for show including most recent model decanter centrifuge, newest model vertical cuttings dryer, High G drying shaker, shaker screen etc . The particular visitors can feel the premium quality and premium technology devices by touching and observing the real equipment at the special day.
1) Decanter centrifuge- add up to USA Brand
14inch decanter centrifuge is most popular for the reason that wide application and very good price. The application range contain mud weight cutting and also fine solids removal. And in addition for drilling waste management. Regarding the price, we targeted on high end market in addition to overseas market. this centrifuge is equivalent to Swaco 518 CENTRIFUGE / Derrick DE1000 centrifuge. But the price of USA centrifuge is much higher than our brand name. The price of GN SOLIDS COMMAND or GN Solids Ameirca is much better when compared with USA manufacturer.

2) vertical cuttings dryer – equal to CSI dryer
For OBM or BINQ, most client will decide on VERTICAL CUTTINGS DRYER, but also for WBM, you may choose Substantial G shaker for decrease operation cost.
GNCD930 straight cuttings dryer is used to get drilling cuttings treatment in rigsite or at one particular mud plant location exactly where all cuttings transport for the center location for ultimate treatment. After treatment of GN vertical cutting s dryer, the oil on cuttings can reduce to below five per cent. This is same working efficiency as CSI dryer or maybe SWACO dryer. GN usable cuttings dryer already placed in market for over 3 years, plus the mature product is benefiting much more drilling service companies, excellent price, stable working functionality and less maintenance.

3) Large G drying shaker
With regard to OBM or SBM, almost all client will choose STRAIGHT CUTTINGS DRYER, but for WBM, you may choose High Gary the gadget guy shaker for lower functioning cost. High G machine drying shaker is same as typical shale shaker. Just the Grams force is bigger. That unit is mostly used for normal water based mud drilling cuttings treatment. After treated, the particular oil on cuttings might be reduced to about 10% to 20%.

After OVER THE COUNTER oil show, GN Solids Control and drilling waste management equipment get endorsement from big clients in various countries. GN Solids Control will continue to do better to guide better the market.

Box Used on Drilling Site

Cuttings box is also called cuttings collection box
that is widely used on drilling site as a temporary vessel to collect and store
the drilling waste cuttings. Due to the purpose of the cuttings box, it is
designed compact and easy for transportation. Once the cuttings box is full, it
could be replaced by an empty one.

The cuttings box is always used on the drilling
site where the mud pit is not available. In the solids control system, the cuttings boxes are always located under the solids discharge
chute of the shale shaker to collect the cuttings out of the primary shaker.
Same situation as the cuttings box located with the de-sander, de-silter and decanter centrifuge.

Most of the cuttings boxes are simple without a
cover. And if you want move it, you need be careful as the cuttings still with
large content liquid will splash out. With consideration on this, GN Solids
Control designed a type waste cuttings box with a fully sealed cover on it.
When collecting the cutting, the cover is open; when transportation, the cover
is locked easily to prevent the splashing of the cuttings. It is an ideal
container to meet the requirements of HSE regulations for hazardous waste
movement. Not only for waste cuttings, also for some other hazardous waste
discharges. At the bottom frame of GN’s cuttings box, the forklift loading
grooves are designed for easy moving and replacing.

The advantage to use cutting box is no need dig a
mud pit on the ground, then the pitless mud recycling system as well as waste cuttings management system are realized. Fully covered box could be transported safely and easily
for waste management plant where the waste would be further treated. The disadvantage
is you may need many cuttings box stock on drilling site so that you could
replace a full one immediately. The cutting boxes everywhere would occupy much
area of the site.


As China
leading manufacturer for solids management & drilling waste management instrumentation, we have a tendency to support continent
market lots with latest technology instrumentation, smart quality and
affordable worth. Recently, we’ve got two Package Drilling waste management
instrumentation prepared delivery for continent market.
2 Ea vertical cuttings appliance with high
telescopic skid
After several years’ analysis and development,
GN Vertical cuttings appliance is functioning in several international oil
drilling jobsite. it’s our honor to figure with international oil service
corporations, like Baker Hughes, Shell, CPVEN, ONGC, NIDC etc.
The new project is for our recent client in
continent with over ten sets land drilling rigs. we’ve got endlessly been
supporting them over two years. Last year they purchase three sets vertical
cuttings appliance & vi sets bottle centrifuge, operating for three
land rigs. once they tested the operating performance, they repeat orders for
two sets vertical cuttings appliance & four sets bottle centrifuge.


For now, GN has two varieties of model vertical cuttings dryer: GNCD930 and GNCD730. completely different|completely
different} size cuttings appliance can acceptable different jobsite
necessities. particularly for offshore drilling, GNCD730 vertical cuttings
appliance with smaller size can work higher.
4 Ea bottle centrifuge with feed pump
4 Ea bottle centrifuges divide into two sets.
one set embrace one Ea variable speed bottle decanter centrifuge & one Ea fastened speed centrifuge. they’re operating
for two sets land rig solids management service. this type of combination is
comparatively economic selection. The high worth variable speed centrifuge will
modification speed terribly flexible; the lower cost fastened speed centrifuge
takes regarding 2-3 hours to vary belt pulley-block to induce totally different
speed. They work along to try to to heavy spar recovery (variable speed
centrifuge with lower speed) or cut mud weight (variable speed centrifuge with
high speed & high speed fastened speed centrifuge)
12 Ea screw conveyor
Screw conveyor is employed to transfer wet and
coarse drilling cuttings discharged from sedimentary rock shaker &
desander & desilter to vertical cuttings appliance. The cuttings
appliance can appliance the cuttings, take away the coarse solids and come back
the clean fluids for reprocess.
10 Ea screw pump
4 Ea screw pump is employed for feeding bottle
centrifuge, two Ea screw pump is employed for flushing the vertical cuttings
appliance, the opposite four sets screw pump is employed for transferring back
the clean lubricating substance from vertical cuttings appliance.
For customers committed in solids management
service, drilling waste management service, mud service, drilling service, or
alternative connected oil service corporations, pls contact United States
freely for any necessities. GN Solids management are your most suitable option
on solids management & drilling waste management answer supplier.

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GN Solids Control is China leading
manufacturer for solids control
and compete with US brand and win lots of tenders / project from
the hands of US brand solids control equipment suppliers, eg MI-Swaco, Nov
brandt etc. Especially for Middle East & Africa market, we have good sales
amount for Kuwait, Iran, Oman, Iraq, Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria, South Africa,
Libya, Gabon, Uganda etc. Recently, we have some project as below.

G dryer shaker & big
shaker screen
order for Iraq

We exported 3 high G dryer to Iraq. The dryer model is
GNZS594E-HG, equivalent model to Swaco Mongoose shaker with 4 panel composite
material shaker screen. The High G dryer is generally used for water based mud
drilling cuttings treatment, to lower down the liquid content in the solids.

We also export 800pcs replacement screen for Swaco Mongoose
composite material screen. The end user is Iraqi drilling company, local
biggest drilling contractor. The clients give us order after testing the

OBM drilling waste management
equipment to Kuwait

The KOC buy one big batch of OBM drilling
waste management
equipment via local oil service company. The equipment
order includes:

Vertical cuttings dryer, 1 set

High G dryer double deck, 1 set

Centrifugal pump, over 30 sets

Shear pump, over 10 sets

Screw conveyors, over 30meters

Centrifuges with dryer for Iran
mud service company

The Iran largest mud service and solids control service
company buy over 20 sets of centrifuges and vertical cuttings dryer with High G
dryer from 2010. The company have long term partner relationship with GN Solids
Control and help GN equipment to go into Mapna drilling rigsite, Dana drilling
rigsite, NIDC drilling rigsite…

GN Solids Control is China leading supplier
for solids control equipment. The key equipment is decanter
( for solids control & waste management) & Vertical
cuttings dryer ( or VertiG, for drilling waste management). With this two key equipment,
GN Solids Control set their footprint to all over the world rigsite. Thanks for


As one
of the top decanter centrifuges manufacturer in China, GN solids control
decanter centrifuge has been widely used for oil , gas and mining industry. The
main applications as as below:

traditional application- solids control system, for barite recovery and fine
solids separation

VFD centrifuge can be used for barite recovery, high gravity mud and low
gravity mud by changing different speed. But for some clients the VFD
centrifuge with higher cost, we will recommend rate speed centrifuge with 2 or
3 sets of different speed pulleys, they need to change the pulley when changing
the speed.

study: Video: GN Decanter Centrifuge for solids control system ,


Dewatering unit together with dewatering unit( flocculation mixing system),
sometimes inside the container, sometimes on the same skid for easy movable.

dewatering unit with big bowl decanter centrifuge has been used for dredging
slurry separation, micro tunneling, pilings, and water based drilling cuttings
disposal. And after treated by GN decanter centrifuge, press filter is used to
get dryer solids cake.

study: Solids Control equipment combined with dewatering unit for processing
mud, http://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/drilling-fluids/solids-control-equipment-combined-with-dewatering-unit-processing-mud

Drilling waste management system / drilling cuttings disposal: There are 3

For water based drilling cuttings, high-G drying
shaker with decanter centrifuge

For oil based drilling cuttings treatment,
vertical cuttings dryer with decanter centrifuge

Only use big bowl decanter centrifuge

For water based drilling cuttings, water-based mud
special vertical cuttings dryer with decanter centrifuge

study: Video: GN High G Drying Shaker and Centrifuge for CNPC water based waste
management, http://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/video/gn-high-g-drying-shaker-and-centrifuge-for-cnpc-wbm-waste-management

GN Drilling Waste Management System working in Cyprus for Offshore waste for
oil based drilling cuttings, http://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/video/gn-drilling-waste-management-system-working-cyprus-offshore-waste

If you
are not sure which is the best solution for your applications, pls contact with
GN solids sales for technical consultant.