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General description of air compressor

The air compressor, also named as air pump. It is a basic equipment of modern industry. It is used to generate pneumatic power system. Air compressor can convert the original motion (typically an electric motor) into mechanical energy of the gas pressure; it is a device to compressed air get air pressure.

Air compressor is widely used in industry, like for painting, for cooling. It is also wided used in drilling rig site.

1) Air compressor can power for vacuum pump in oil and gas drilling rigs, especially for drilling waste management site.

2) Air compressor can be the air source of positive pressurized control panel used for oil and gas drilling rig site for hazardous area. Especially used for VFD centrifuge control panel.

There are many type of air compressor, like Fixed type, mobile type and closed type. And per the different design principle, air compressor can be divided into different types.  

Below are the most common types of air compressor

1) Displacement compressors –It is directly depend on changing the volume of gas to increase air pressure.
2) Piston compressor – It is a kind of Displacement compressors, the compression main part is a piston, the piston make reciprocate movement.
3) Rotary compressors – It is a kind of Displacement compressors, it compressed air by the forced movement of the rotating element.
4) Liquid – piston compressors – It is rotary positive displacement compressor, in which water or other liquid as a piston to compress the gas, and the gas be discharged.

General information about the mud pump
Due to the simple operation and reliability performance, mud pump is widely used in oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Mud pump can be used for all the main processes which are associated with pumping through pipelines of various liquids – oil, petroleum products, liquefied gases, water , mud , chemicals , etc.

Functions of mud pump for drilling rigs

Mud pumps are used to transfer mud to the drilling wells to cool down drilling bits and lubricated the drilling bits, especially for oil and gas drilling wells. It is usually used together with mud recycling system to pump the clean mud to drilling wells for drilling. Mud pumps transfer mud to the drilling well to cool down bits, takeout sands and shattered rocks.

Applications of mud pump for oil and gas drilling

During drilling oil and gas wells, mud pump have an exclusive usage. They are used to circulate water or mud in the borehole. In the oil rigs, mud pump can also used for extraction of oil from wells , water pumping and high-viscosity oil through pipelines , hydraulic fracturing , water injection . Since in oil industry no one area where mud pump would not be used, further to improving mud pump in technical and economic remains a major challenge of the oil industry. Saving power when working, make it high efficiency and complete installed capacity of hydraulic machines is considered as the most important tasks of the mud pump manufacturer.


1500HP land drilling rig usually match 2000bbls mud system. The mud system will have complete full 4 stages solids control equipment and with 5 steps separation process.


Equipment included in 1500 hp land drilling rig mud system:

1) First stage solids control – Shale shaker GNZS594E / GNZS703E linear motion, 3 each

2) The second & third stage solids control – Mud cleaner GNZJ594E-3S-16N / GNZJ703E-3S16N, 1 each

3) Vacuum degasser GNZCQ360 to remove gas from drilling mud before enters into mud cleaner desander / desilter cone.


4) The fourth stage solids control – Decanter centrifuge, 2 each

 One decanter centrifuge GNLW452S in middle speed for barite recovery.

 Another decanter centrifuge GNLW363 in high speed to separate the low gravity mud.

5) Jet mud mixing & shearing mixing system, with GN high efficiency centrifugal pump and shear pump for chemical shearing and mixing.

6) 7 each Mud tanks: shale shaker tank, decanter centrifuge tank, suction tank, mixing tank, shearing tank, storage tank 1 or 2 each

Above is the standard 2000bbls mud system for 1500 hp land drilling rigs. GN Solids Control can make customized mud system per user’s special requirements. If you need more information of other size land drilling rig mud system, you can visit GN website or send mail to vivi@gnsolidscontrol.com

GN Solids America is the first USA based Solids Control Company from China. Its headquarter located in U.S. Houston, in Oil Center City, Houston, Texas.

The solids control company GN Solids America with its own warehouse very near to Derrick and Kemtron. There are high quality decanter centrifuge, shale shaker and replacement shaker screen stock in Houston warehouse for fast delivery.

If you have interest, please contact GN or visit GN warehouse in Houston for more information of their solids control equipment.