drilling mud


In Oilfield GN mud tank system including following types

1)Skid Mounted mud tank
2) Trailer mounted mud tank
3) Hydraulic Jack Up mud tank


Mud Tank Types for the mud system:

1) Shale Shaker Tank
2) Mud Trip Tank
3) Active Mud Tank
4) Mud Mixing Tank
5) Mud Storage Tank
6) Suction mud tank

You Can learn more info.:API Shale Shaker Screen

API RP 13 C set up the standard for the D100 cut point for the shale shaker screens

This helps the end user to identify the screens opening from different manufactuers.

Great disparity and performance in screens throughout the oil and gas drilling industry. But now With API RP 13C, API RP 13C is here. So you know exactly what you’re buying!

  • Two tests were devised: cut point and conductance. The tests describe a screen without predicting its performance and can be performed anywhere in the world.
  • After identifying the cut point and conductance, complying with API RP 13C requires application of a permanent tag or label to the screen in a position that will be both visible and legible. Both cut point expressed as an API number and conductance shown in kD/mm are required on the screen label.
  • Internationally, API RP 13C is ISO 13501 for screens

The screw conveyor is a simple way to transport drilled solids. Screw conveyors are typically used to transport drilled cuttings from the shale shaker area to a discharge port, skip or to secondary processing equipment.

GN Screw Conveyor market including USA,China,Russian,Middle East,Africa and asian countries.We give customer complete set of equipments for solids control shale shaker and drilling cutting treatment.

Vacuum Degasser is one the important equipment for oil drilling mud system for separation the gas from drilling fluids to keep the balance of the mud.

GN have around 10 Vacuum degasser in stock for sale

GNCQ Series Vacuum Degassers that are able to service the needs of any application .It is usually fixed after the shakers. Each degasser effectively and efficiently removes gases from gas-cut mud, thus ensuring that the proper mud weight is pumped down hole. In doing so, the degasserss are able to aid in the prevention of potential blowouts. Unlike the traditional vacuum degasser, GNCQ vacuum degasser is a self-contained unit. The gas-cut mud is drawn into the degasser by a vacuum created by a regenerative vacuum without needing centrifugal pump .Moreover, GN degasser can act as a big agitator for the drilling mud, which helps the treatment for desander and desilter. GN also have Atmospheric/Centrifugal Degasser available as an alternative to the standard vacuum type degasser.