drilling mud

As quickly as the drilling site has been chosen, scientists survey the region to figure out its boundaries, and conduct environmental effect studies if essential .Drilling firm may perhaps require lease agreements, titles and right-of way accesses before drilling the land. For off-shore sites, legal jurisdiction has to be determined.

Right after the legal challenges are solved, the crew goes about preparing the land:
1. The land have to be cleared and leveled, and access roads might be constructed.
2. Simply because water is utilized in drilling, there should be a supply of water nearby. If there isn’t any all-natural supply, the crew drills a water properly.

For drilling fluids and cutting disposal .The group digs a reserve pit, which can be applied to dispose of rock cuttings and drilling mud during the Drilling Mud System, and lines it with plastic to shield the environment. If the web page is an ecologically sensitive region, for example a marsh or wilderness, then the cuttings and mud must be disposed of offsite – trucked away instead of placed within a pit.
For that reason, deciding on a appropriate solids handle system is essential for the job web-site to prevent polluting the atmosphere. Firstly, we will need know how several shale shaker might be applied for the job internet site and relative mud cleaner (http://www.gnsolidsamerica.com/mud-cleaner.html) for separating the fine particle. Secondly, the solids and cutting from shale shaker and mud cleaner are transferred by GN screw conveyer (auger) to the site for truck to delivery offsite or do additional course of action. Thirdly, GN decanter centrifuge is focused on separating the fine particle beneath 20 microns, which sustain the drilling fluids weight and retain drilling fluids clean. Finally, the drilling cuttings from shaker and drilling mud system still include fluids, which contaminate the soil if they’re directly buried. Consequently, GN-Solids-America vertical USA cutting dryer can dry drilling cutting to reduce the contamination and reclaim the drilling fluids.

All in all, deciding on a fantastic solids control technique is an critical portion for drilling. You could seek advice from with GN for solids handle unit.

What is dewatering unit
Dewatering unit is a mixing system to mixing chemicals and drilling mud for floculation. After floculation, the very find solids will be formed into bigger size, and suitable for decanter centrifuge treatment.
For easy understanding, we can see that, it is similar like put orange juice into a cup of milk.  It is milk whilte originally, after mixed with juice, immediately, the milk is separated into floccus and pure-like water.

Sizes of dewatering unit
Dewatering unit is noramally put into container, there are 20ft containerized and 40ft containerized. Per different customers request, there are different design for the dewatering unit itself. There are 2-chamber dewatering unit and 3-chamberdewatering unit. And per defferent request, it can mixing chemicals from 1 ~ 3 kinds.

Dewatering cantrifuge for dewatering unit
Decanter centrifuge is normally used in dewatering unit. Per the jobsite footprint, the decanter centrifuge have 3 kinds of connections with dewatering unit:
1) The decantering centrifuge can put into container, connected with dewatering unit
2) The decantering centrifuge can put on the top of container, connected to dewatering unit
3) The decantering centrifuge can put outside container, connected with dewatering unit

How to order a suitable side dewatering unit?

If you want customized dewatering unit, you’d better try to answer below questions:
1) 2 chambers or 3 chambers request: 3 chamber is more widely used. 2 Chamber cannot continue mixing.
2) The chemical preparing speed (Liters/Hr): 1500liters/hr is a normal speed, customer can request customized mixing speed
3) Density of chemicals, in order to make sure the hopper size
4) Chamber capacity (if there is)
5) Other special request (if there is)

CBM drilling is the short name of Coal Bed methane. 95% of CBM drilling is getting nature gas. It is very different with oil and gas drilling. Oil and gas drilling rig normally need to drill very deep well to get crude oil, while CBM drilling is normally in small depth.  

As the special features of CBM drilling, it has higher standard for drilling fluids. High quality bentonite is widely be used for CBM drilling mud systems.

As the high request on environmental protection, zero discharge mud system for Coal Bed Methane drilling necessarily should be equipped.

GN international high standard Zero discharge mud system for CBM drilling

1) GN double deck shale shaker with 4×4 inch desilter cone.

It is the first stage and the third stage solids control process. The double deck shale shake combine the function of shale shaker and desilter.

2) Baby centrifuge GNLW223VFD with small PLC control for VFD. It is used as forth stage solids control.

3) Mixing hopper and mixing pump for mud mixing

The mud tank can be skid mounted, mobile mounted, or equipped with hydraulic jack up legs for self-lifting.  

GN Solids America is actually a firm mostly regarded as a very good supplier and manufacturer of desander and drilling mud desander,but additional and more corporations from environment protection field are acquiring from GN, like for sludge separation project.

This sludge separation project consists of these facilities:

1. Double deck desander model,this desander is ideal for separation larger particles in sludge,by using renowned Italy motors, this desander can produce a fierce vibrating force up to 7 G, It’s effective for the 1 step of treating.

In this case, as per particular demand from clients, GN added drilling mud desander for the treated material.

2.A high speed centrifuge is adopted here for picking out the finer smaller sized particles. Principle of operation is gravity distinction of treated material. By altering the speed of centrifuge bowl and impeller, two phase separation is reached.

So decanter? here Decanter Centrifuge Principle And Theory Of Operation also introduce very more.
GN’s desander have drilling mud desander and Mini Desander Cleaner,decanter centrifuge,all is sensible configuration in a lot of fields,When you have far more interest in GN Solids America, please take a look at our web page at http://www.gnsolidsamerica.com.

Shear pump is a kind of centrifugal pump no need safety valve at outlet. Below is reasons explained from function and pressure source.

Explain on Functions to confirm shear pump no need safety valve

Shear pump is a kind of centrifugal pump. Drilling mud get a certain amount of kinetic energy while leaving impeller under the impeller rotating centrifugal force. Mud also get some certain of pressure in the pump housing, the pressure does not vary with the change of time, pump outlet size, but only depends on impeller structure, size, and rotating speed. As the pressure at shear pump outlet is not vary per pump flow or working condition. It is no need to match safety valve.

Explain on pressure to confirm shear pump no need safety valve

Driving motor and shear pump connected directly with belt. Design speed of impeller is 2200RPM (max.). Under normal working situation, like for 60hz motor, max. speed of shear pump impeller is 1800rpm, much smaller than the design speed. The maximum pressure generated from high speed rotating of impeller centrifugal force is constant. The max. shear pump pressure is 0.47MPa. The outlet pipeline and pump casing can surely withstand the pressure. In this case, it is no need to match safety valve.

Even in the case of the outlet is blacked or the valve is closed, pressure generated from the impeller rotating is larger than pump outlet, drilling mud cannot be discharged, and circulated within pump housing under the rotating force of impeller. If the outlet is blacked or the valve is closed, and mud circulated within the pump housing for a long time, the worst condition is to increase the temperature of pump housing in some degree. The pump pressure will not increase. Therefore, it is no need for mounting safety valve in shear pump outlet pipe.