drilling mud system

GNSB centrifuge pump manufactured by GN Solids
America LLC is the mud feeding machinery for solid control equipment in
drilling mud system.

Pump installation

Pump installation location should be near to
the source and purposely to shorten the length of the suction period and
prevent the suction loss. Pump installed base should be leveled, firm and secured
in order to avoid vibration during operation.

 Coupling installation

The pump and motor for a long use life depends
on the elastic coupling. Available steel straightedge by coupling the up and
down or so, with the view straightedge and coupling the garden all parties
should contact closely. Namely coupling outside garden parties should be in a
straight line to make sure that the motor shaft and pump shaft coaxial angle.

 Entrance pipeline installation

Entrance piping shall be in accordance with
the pump inlet matching.

Suction piping not allowed to install throttle
valve, but can be installed normally open valve to reduce fluid flow disorder. To
avoid suction people line produced in steam bubble, the pumping source and
between pump from high to low gradually transition. If users need to pump in
use suction conditions, use vacuum pump or bottom valve pilot.

Pump at the entrance line must be flat; the
length of at least two times the diameter of the inlet line.

Exit line

In order to facilitate pump maintenance, the exit
pipeline should be installed normally with open valve.

All line (including population line) must have
their own support.

When work condition is unknown or unstable,
export in pipeline must be installed throttle valve in order to ensure the pump
in the design point operation.

When the pump discharge and pressure equipment
connected, the throttle valve and pump must install a check valve to prevent
the liquid reflux, otherwise, the return fluid can lead to damage

GN solids control produced mud
handling equipments and mud
are mainly used for cleaning and recycling the used driling fluids
from the well bore.

If you need mud
handling equipments with mud tanks and solids control system, pls contact with
GN solids control in Beijing, China or GN solids America in Houston, USA, we
have the main mud handling equipments in stock for immediate shipment.

mud system is working for many HDD drilling client, both in local market and
overseas marketplace. Good performance mud system can help to improve the
drilling proficiency, thus to improve the production associated with contracts.
GN Solids Control mud system including 200gpm mud system, 500gpm mud system,
800gpm mud system, 1000gpm mud system and so forth

GN Solids Control is definitely China leading manufacturer to get HDD
drilling mud system
, compact design with much smaller presence. CPP is
China greatest HDD drilling company, they have got over 30 sets mud system from
GN and in addition they give us feedback many times every year to help to
improve the design of GN mud system. After many years jobsite experience piling
up, GN mud system design and style is much more user friendly. Even compared to
US brand / American brand mud system dealer, GN Solids Control mud system is
much more cost-effective.

Lately, we have 2 sets 500gpm mud system delivery to help Middle East Drilling
consumer. The basic configuration of the mud system including:

1) Just one set shale shaker GNZS703E-DZ, this is GN 3 panel shaker specialized
for HDD drilling. We also have several panel shaker for choice. GNZS594E-HB
shaker is mostly employed for oil drilling, longer shaker deck with 4 panel
composite material shale shaker
can reach much better effectiveness than 3 panel shakers.

2) One set mud cleaner
GNZJ703-1S8N. This is a few in one unit mud cleaner with shale shaker and also
desander unit & desilter unit. It contain only two phase separation steps,
yet only one unit, much sleek and stylish design. The deck shaker is same as
shale shaker in above, same replacement parts, much convenient for replacement
components stock.

3) Three models centrifugal pump GNSB 6X5-12J. One pump is nourishing for
desander cones; another one pump feeding regarding desilter cones; the last a
single pump for transferring the particular mud out to rig.

4) Mud hopper installed benefit of the mud tank, intended for mixing
chemicals, like bentonite / barite. Some consumer want the mud hopper installed
downside the mud tank, easy for mixing. In this instance, we may offer one
fixed jet mud mixer together with one mud hopper along with one pump installed
on exact same skid plate. This portion can be customized as per clients’

Shale shaker is the first stage solids control equipment in drilling rig mud system. It is the necessary equipment for mud solids control. According to the motion type generated by vibrating motor, there are linear motion shale shaker and balanced elliptical motion shale shaker. While linear motion shale shaker is more widely used as it can suits a wider range application and it is workable even with big handling capacity.

Rubber sealing for linear motion shale shaker in drilling mud system

Rubber sealing is an essential part for shale shaker performance. It is the rubber used between shale shaker deck and shale shaker screen.

1) The rubber can seal the shaker deck and shaker screen better. It can prevent the shale shaker leakage.

2) The rubber sealing can extend shaker screen lifetime and protection shaker deck from worn out. The shaker deck and shaker screen frame are both made from metal. If there is no rubber between them, the metal touched each other directly and vibrating under high G force. It will generate big noise and the screen and shaker deck will be damaged soon.

Other features affect linear motion shale shaker lifetime and performance

Besides rubber sealing, there are other features that will affect the shale shaker lifetime. It includes but not limited to following:

1) The materials of shaker deck. Stainless steel can surely stand longer than carbon steel

2) Suitable shaker deck angle can enable the mud move forward shaker deck more fluently and get a longer lifetime of the shaker screen.

3) Suitable G force. If the G force is too small. The mud cannot separate well and then overflowed. It is a waste. If the G force too big, one side, it may damage the drill mud contend, another side, big G force will shorten shaker screen lifetime.  

4) Reliable brand vibrating motor and strong enough design for shaker wall

As quickly as the drilling site has been chosen, scientists survey the region to figure out its boundaries, and conduct environmental effect studies if essential .Drilling firm may perhaps require lease agreements, titles and right-of way accesses before drilling the land. For off-shore sites, legal jurisdiction has to be determined.

Right after the legal challenges are solved, the crew goes about preparing the land:
1. The land have to be cleared and leveled, and access roads might be constructed.
2. Simply because water is utilized in drilling, there should be a supply of water nearby. If there isn’t any all-natural supply, the crew drills a water properly.

For drilling fluids and cutting disposal .The group digs a reserve pit, which can be applied to dispose of rock cuttings and drilling mud during the Drilling Mud System, and lines it with plastic to shield the environment. If the web page is an ecologically sensitive region, for example a marsh or wilderness, then the cuttings and mud must be disposed of offsite – trucked away instead of placed within a pit.
For that reason, deciding on a appropriate solids handle system is essential for the job web-site to prevent polluting the atmosphere. Firstly, we will need know how several shale shaker might be applied for the job internet site and relative mud cleaner (http://www.gnsolidsamerica.com/mud-cleaner.html) for separating the fine particle. Secondly, the solids and cutting from shale shaker and mud cleaner are transferred by GN screw conveyer (auger) to the site for truck to delivery offsite or do additional course of action. Thirdly, GN decanter centrifuge is focused on separating the fine particle beneath 20 microns, which sustain the drilling fluids weight and retain drilling fluids clean. Finally, the drilling cuttings from shaker and drilling mud system still include fluids, which contaminate the soil if they’re directly buried. Consequently, GN-Solids-America vertical USA cutting dryer can dry drilling cutting to reduce the contamination and reclaim the drilling fluids.

All in all, deciding on a fantastic solids control technique is an critical portion for drilling. You could seek advice from with GN for solids handle unit.