Desander, desilter and mud cleaner is the most common type hydraucyclone separator machine used in mud cleaning system, like system for oil and gas drilling, water well drilling, Geothermal drilling, Coal Bed Methane drilling, Horizontal Directional drilling and so on.

Hydraucyclone separator desander desilter and mud cleaner is used after shale shaker, and then dessander, desilter is used after desilter. Per the jobsite condition and the mud drilling rig request on mud, only desander or destiler separator can be used, or none of them be used.

There are different type of hydraucyclone separator. They have different features, users can choose the suitable model.

Design 1: Only Desander or desilter hydraucyclone assembly, without underflow shale shaker.

Option models for desander: GNWSE-2S / GNWSE-3S

Option models for desilter: GNWSE-12N / GNWSE-16N

Strong point: The simple type desander and desilter is with side-discharge deisng. It is with small footprint. And price lower.

Weak point: Hydraucyclone is not D100 separator. If there is no shale shaker separator under the hydraucyclone parts, performance will not be very good. Some big size solids may flows into the tank mud system.  

Conclusion: If there are limited space on tank top and users want to save cost. desander and desilter without underflow shale shaker should be a good choice. It is normally used is underground construction system and compact mud system but not used for deep oil and gas drilling.

Design 2: Desander desilter with a small size under flow shale shaker.

Option models for desander: GNZJ752E-1S / GNZJ752E-2S

Option models for desilter: GNZJ752E-8N / GNZJ752E-12N

Strong point: With separate shale shaker under the hydraucyclone assembly, drilling fluids can be separated by screens before falling into tank system. And price is good.

Weak point: The small size shale shaker cannot get very good separation result, and big capacity not available.

Conclusion: It is normally used in compact mud system for HDD, CBM etc… And some workover rig mud system.

Design 3: Desander desilter with a big size under flow shale shaker. Both desander and desilter hydraucyclones can be mounted in the same shale shaker. Compact design and best separation. The price the most high among the 3 designs and performance best. When move the hydraucyclone assembly . It can be used as a separate solids control shale shaker.

Above is the introduction of the models, users can choose the suitable design per its detailed condition.

What is Geothermal drilling

Geothermal drilling is used for geothermal steam and hot water well drilling. It is a special technology and necessary method for the exploration, exploitation of geothermal fluid.

For the high temperature geothermal drilling, drilling depth is generally 500 meters to 2000 meters, a little more than 2000 meters, mostly in 600 ~ 900 meters. Regariding to the conduction type geothermal field at low temperature, the average depth is 1800 meters, while the geopressured geothermal drilling can reach to 6000 meters depth.

Features of mud recycling system for Geothermal drilling

1) As the temperature of Geothermal drilling is normally higher. There should be mud cooler before mud recycling system and after mud comes out from well head.

2) There should be galvanized grating to cover the tank tops for a better heat-radiation. Checkered plate is not recommended for Geothermal drilling mud recycling system. The heat cannot come out well in this condition.

3) Normally, there is only desander cone in the mud recyclone system. Desilter cone is not used.

4) As the mud temperature is higher, PU hydraocyclone is not suitable for Geothermal drilling mud recycling system, while cast iron cyclones should be used.

5) And in some cases, geothermal drilling rig platform is low, it means the flow height from drilling rig to shale shaker is lower. It gives strict limitation on shaker tank design.

GN Solids Control got an inquire from a European Geothermal drilling company. They are searching for a mud recycling system for their 750hp Geothermal drilling, and they want a 3-tank mud system.

After communication, we know that their flow height is only 2.6m. Per their condition, we offer tech. proposal together with commercial proposal, customer satisfy and give us order soon. And the system will be dispatch to jobsite soon.

Below is the system proposal we offered for the 750hp Geothermal drilling rig.

1) Shaker tank #1: 6012×2200×1600mm

2) Mixing tank 2# and Storage tank 3#: 11500×2200×2350mm

3) Shale shaker linear motion

4) Desander separate

5) Mixing system and mud agitators

Double deck shale shaker is widely used in CBM drilling (Coal bed methane), piling, micro tunneling and other HDD rig mud system as its big capacity and compact design. The top deck shaker screen can use steel screen (0.1mm, 0.2mm, 1mm etc… per jobsite condition) to separate the coarse size. The bottom deck use normal pretensioned frame screen (API40, 60, 80 etc…)

Parameters of GNZS705 double deck shale shaker

Model:                            GNZS705E

Vibration Mode:              Linear Motion

Vibration Motor:           2×1.94KW, Voltage and Frequency customized

Vibrating Strength:          ≤7.5G (Adjustable)

Treating Capacity:          528GPM(120m³/h)

Deck Adjustment:          -1°~5°

Top Shaker Screen:        3 Panel 2.1m3

Bottom Screen:                3 Panel 2.6m3

Weir Height(Back type buffer box):      895mm

Shaker deck material:           Stainless Steel

Weight:                            2000kg

Dimension (mm):                    2717x2012x1413

Remarks: Treating capacity test from mud:1.2g/cm3density & viscosity 45s & 60 mesh screens

Applications of GNZS705 double deck shale shaker

GNZS705 is a hot sale shaker model made by GN Solids Control company It is a double deck shale shaker with 5 screen panels: 2 screen panels in top deck and 3 screen panel in bottom deck. When the shaker model is used in CBM drilling system, piling system or micron tunneling mud cleaning system, customer choose steel frame screen for long lifetime and big volume. It is a common shaker model for GN compact mud system. It can even be used in GN350~500GPM HDD mud recycling system for small footprint and economic price.

Advantages of GNZS705 double deck shale shaker

1) The shaker model is made from Stainless steel material for better performance on anticorrosive.

2) Vibrating motor from world famous brand: IEC Ex, ATEX and UL Certified (Italy Oil or Martin brand motor, etc…)

3) The whole shaker deck is made from hot treatment. It is more stronger under high G force vibration.

4) Patent tighten rubber sealing for shale shaker deck and screen. It is with long life and easy for replacement.

5) Pretensioned shale shaker screen mounted with wedge for fast screen change.

6)  Flexible options on feeding type: Weir Feed, Top Feed, and Hopper Feed for different applications

7) The shale shaker can be mounted together with desander cone and used as a mud cleaner.

General description of Hydraucyclone desander desitler

Hydraucyclone is a normal parts used for mining industry, for drilling field, for waste water separation, soil depuration. In drilling field. Hydraucyclone can be used as desander desilter per different size. Or combined with shale shaker to work as mud cleaner. 

Big size desander cone normally used for mining, piling or CBM drilling.  Hydraucyclone for desander desilter in drilling fieldi usually small size:

1) Hydraucyclone for desander: 12inch, 10inch

2) Hydraucyclone for desilter: 5inch, 4inch

Main parts of Hydraucyclone for desander desitler. Take example of 4 inch desilter cone, it is components of below parts:

1) Shell

2) Cone tube

3) Drop in Apex

4) Orifice nut

When combined for a desilter machine, elbows and clamps, ball valves will be used for connection.

Principle of Hydraucyclone for desander desitler

Hydrocyclone is a cylindrical part of the conical vessel. The upper part of the internal cone section called the liquid cavity. Cone outside is provided with a liquid inlet pipe, and the liquid cavity is communicated to the tangential direction. The top of the container is the overflow port, the bottom is underflow (also called the discharging port). Cyclone size is determined by the maximum diameter of the cone. Its working principle is centrifugal sedimentation. Because of the coarse particles and fine particle size difference exists (or density difference), the centrifugal force, under the centripetal buoyancy, drag force of different sizes, due to the centrifugal sedimentation, pyramidal intermediate creates a low pressure area, forming a column of air, caused by vacuum suction effect, play, most of the fine particles in the cyclone under the actions of upper discharged from the overflow tube, heavy particles thrown to the wall of the barrel, slide along the barrel wall, from bottom outlet.

Materials ofd Hydraucyclone for desander desitler

Polyurethane is also called polyurethane formate, is a kind of polymer between the plastic and the rubber polymer materials. It has not only high strength plastic, and has the high elasticity of rubber. It is a new type of wear resistant material, an excellent comprehensive performance. It has many excellent performance, high wear resistance, in the synthetic material of the first, even more than some alloy steels. The polyurethane as hydrocyclone lining, its service life is four times of high chromium cast iron, four times eight times Ding hydrogen rubber, natural rubber. Polyurethane shore hardness in the range of 17~97 to 85~90, the best wear resistance.

TBM is Tunnel boring machine, it is similar to piling. It is widely used for municipal construction, like subway, tunnel, etc… There are high content coarse rock particles generated during the process. It does not have high standard for mud quantity. No need separate to very small size. It request big capacity for a rough separation, like 120m3/h or 240m3/h mud systm.

Mud plant for TBM Tunnel boring machine

It is compact mud system with double deck shale shaker, and desander hydra cyclone above the shale shaker to used as a combination of mud cleaner. 10’’ Desander cone quantity varies from 1 ~2 for different capacity (120 CBM or 240 CBM). TBM mud system use steel frame screen (e.g. 0.3mm, 0.5mm, etc…) and desander cone. Desilter normally is not used in TBM drilling mud system.

TBM Tunnel boring machine supplier:

1) Akkerman Inc  for Trenchless Tunneling Equipment 

2) Alvenius Industrier AB (Sweden)

3) Associated Polymer Services Ltd Geotechnical and Tunneling Supplies 

CBM (Coal Bed Methane) is more and more widely used. As natural gas as a clean energy type become more and more polular.

CBM (Coal Bed Methane) mud system is similar to HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling). Compared with TBM and piling, it has a higher request on mud quality.

Mud cleaning system used for CBM drilling:

1) Per different capacity, Shale shaker is single deck or double deck, and utilize shaker screen 2 panels, 3 panels or 4 panels.

2) Desander cleaner

3) Desander cleaner

4) Mixing machine

CBM (Coal Bed Methane) machine supplier:

1) Atlas Copco (America)

2) SCHRAMM (America)

3) Sany Heavy Industry (China)

Desanding plant for TBM and mud cleaning system for CBM us different. They are not changeable. Customer should specify the rig type before order. For any questions on compact mud system, you can contact GN group for solution.