The shale shaker is the only solids control device that makes a separation based on the physical size of the particle. The separation size is dictated by the opening sizes in the shaker screens.Per different drilling mud situation, shale shaker usually use shaker screen vary from API20 to API 325.

Hydrocyclones and centrifuges separate solids based on differences between their relative mass and the fluid. Different speed used per different applicaiton.

Decater unit also named as decanter centrifuge. It is usually used as the forth stage solids control equipment in oil and gas drilling field.

Decater unit also one of the most important parts for waste management, and work together with vertical cutting dryer.

GNLW363 decanter unit (with 14’’ bowl) is the most popular model from China,and as the replacement of European brand decanter unit. Its performance equal to Derrick DE-1000 and Swaco 518 decanter unit.

ADIPEC is said to be the largest oil show in Middle east and the third big one in scaned worldwide.

In 2012,more than 120 manufacturers over 350 people came to Abu Dhabi to attend the show.

One of the most attractive exhibitor is GN Solids Control,China top solids control and waste management specialist.They atracted many visitors and many clients have definite interest for cooperation.