GNLW363 centrifuge is widely choosed for dewatering unit. GNLW363 centrifuge, with Derrick DE-1000 centrifuge and Swaco 518 centrifuge, they are the most hot sale model worldwide.

GNLW363 dewatering centrifuge is with bowl size 14 inch. And with bowl length 50 inch. It is the most popular size centrifuge model.

Derrick and Swaco dewatering unit sometime put the centrifuge in the same container of the dewatering unit. While GN Solids Control recommend to put the centrifuge outside the dewatering unit, for easy maintenance and operation.

Conveyor, also called screw propeller. It is the most important part of waste management decanter centrifuge. We can also see it as the core of decanter centrifuge.

For different conveyor speed, the separation performance is different. For different drilling fluids, the centrifuge conveyor should defer. Professional users know how to change for a suitable speed for a better performance.

GN variable speed centrifuge (VFD), conveyor speed can be changed during centrifuge running. Customer can change the conveyor speed per different drilling fluids type.

For GN decater centrifuge, main motor is connected directly with bowl. Back motor is connected with gearbox and then connect with centrifuge screw propeller. When change the frequency of the motor, customer can get the different conveyor speed.

Decanter centrifuge is the most important and the most cost separation machine for sludge dewatering unit.

GN Solids Control have sold over 150 decanter centrifuge to Africa and South America, like Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela,Mexico, Algeria, Tunisia, Nigeria, Egypt, Libya and other countries.

Many of the decanter centrifuge is for rent service and used for dewatering unit.  

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