An acceleration of one “G” is the standard acceleration due to gravity
(386 in./sec2).

Most shakers operate at accelerations within the range of 2.5-7.0 G’s, depending upon the vibration pattern. Field experience has shown this range offers the best compromise between throughput capacity and screen life.

Some shakers have adjustable counterweights to vary acceleration.
Although flow capacity and cuttings dryness improves with increased
acceleration, screen life is negatively affected. By reducing the “G”s
when extra flow capacity is available, screen life may be improved.

Waste management vertical cutting dryer is one of the most equipment used for treat oil based mud / cutting.

It is high tech. equipment, there are not many company can make it. GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is among the fewer who can make cutting dryer for oil based mud.

And GN is the only one in China with API certification, and make both solids control and waste management equipment, like cutting dryer, big bowl centrifuge, high G shaker, double deck shaker…

Different with others, GN cutting dryer matched with a flash system to wash the dischage port.

Speed of cutting waste screw conveyor should be average. Too fast, it will waste material or make waste treatment equipment like high G shaker, centrifuge,cutting dryer overload. If speed too slow, upstream equipment cannot get enough feeding.

GN cutting waste scew conveyor with average speed 50 or 60 rpm. GN can also make customised speed per user special requirements.

And length of screw conveyor transfer can vary from 12ft to 48ft max. GN have standard 12ft length for each section. Users easy to change length per different jotsit situation.

Decater unit also named as decanter centrifuge. It is usually used as the forth stage solids control equipment in oil and gas drilling field.

Decater unit also one of the most important parts for waste management, and work together with vertical cutting dryer.

GNLW363 decanter unit (with 14’’ bowl) is the most popular model from China,and as the replacement of European brand decanter unit. Its performance equal to Derrick DE-1000 and Swaco 518 decanter unit.

OOC is the most important parameter of verti G dryer. OOC, means oil on the cutting. In many countries, OOC should be reduced to a very low level, like 5%, 3% then discharge.

GNCD930 is a hot sold dryer model from world top solids control manufacturer – GN Solids Control. After treated by GNCD930 verti G dryer, OOC can reduced to 5%. Similar to Brandt and CSI.