Centrifuge dewatering unit is a kind of equipment for biosolids management to thickening and flocculation of very fine solids on drilling fluids.

Thickening and dewatering are important components of biosolids management programs. The proper solids concentration is critical in stabilization processes from aerobic digestion to advanced alkaline stabilization. The recent advances in solids thickening and dewatering have increased performance and capture rates while often reducing chemical and polymer consumption, electrical usage, space requirements and odor potential. In addition, automation has reduced the degree of operator attention required, further reducing the cost of operation.

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GN latest design decanter centrifuge is direct-connecting type.

Direct-connecting means the back drive motor connect directly with decanter centrifue propeller. 

Derrick decanter centrifuge also use the similar design. It has advanges:

1) The back motor connect directly with rubber coupling. It has some buffer function and can protect back drive motor in some degree

2) Easy for disassembly while maintenance.

3) Have a nice look.

World leading centrifuge manufacturer – GN Solids Control launched its latest design decanter centrifuge with direct connecting motors.

Some customers showed great interest on it, and have question about the purpose of main drive motor and back drive motor in GN decanter centrifuge design. Blow we elaborate on this.

Main motor and back motor is powered for the centrifuge. It is the similar connection design with Derrick centrifuge. Main motor is connected directly with bowl. Back motor is connected with gearbox and then connect with centrifuge screw propeller.

High speed centrifuge is very important for mud purification. After some circulation, there will be more and more fine solids in the drilling mud, it will let the drilling mud too weight. In this case, high speed centrifuge is request to separate the fine solids in the drilling mud.

GNLW363 centrifuge is gear box type high speed centrifuge for fine solids separation. It has a 50hp main drive and a 15hp back drive, and use the gear box for differential speed.

For more information of GNLW363 centrifuge, you can visit GN website.