Motor Maintenance of the GN Mud Agitator

The motor is a crucial component in the drilling-fluids solids control equipment, GN Mud Agitator, which is used to mix and agitate drilling fluids, which helps to ensure that the drilling mud is homogeneous and free of any settling or clumping. And then the mud could be sent from a tank to other equipment like a centrifuge or further treatment. Here is how we should maintain the motor of an agitator:

mud agitator2

The motor should be checked and cleaned regularly, the casing must not accumulate dust, and the motor must not be cleaned by spraying it with a tap. When the motor is running, the allowable temperature of the bearing must not exceed 95 ℃ (thermometer method), and the bearing should be checked at least once every 2500 hours (about half a year) of operation. If the bearing grease is found to deteriorate, it must be replaced in time. Clean the oil pipe and oil cup, and clean the bearing with gasoline. It is recommended to use No. 2 small and medium-sized motor bearing grease for the grease. for 2/3. See Table 5 for bearing grades.

Pay attention to protecting the explosion-proof surface when disassembling and assembling the motor. Motors with frame size H80~132 have no inner and outer bearing covers. When disassembling the motor, first remove the windshield, then remove the “V” type shaft seal ring at the shaft extension end, remove the fixing bolts of the front-end cover and rear-end cover, and pull out the rear-end cover together with the rotor and fan. When assembling, all explosion-proof surfaces need to be coated with 204-1 anti-rust grease.

mud agitator3

After the motor is damp, it must be dried before use. Drying can be done by drying or short-circuit current method. During the baking process, the temperature should be gradually increased, but should not exceed 145°C. When using the short-circuit current drying method (this method is not suitable for motors that are severely affected by moisture, to avoid electrolysis.) The motor is in a short-circuit state, and its input current is 0.6 to 0.8 times the rated current value.

When replacing the winding, the type, size, wire gauge, and number of turns of the original winding should be recorded. When these data are lost, please ask our company for them. Changing the designed winding at will deteriorate one or several performances of the motor so that it cannot be used.Related: naming cave gunlock, utah, section 8 houses for rent in birmingham alabama, dana j dykhouse net worth, 30 second timer with music loop, el fenix sour cream chicken enchiladas recipe, carmax car transfer experience, hank williams jr museum crossville tn, bibb county lec arrests for today, latest death notices gateshead, funeral peter jennings last photo, fedex driver damaged my property, avengers feature unavailable due to profile settings, why did valerie leave the hogan family, kiryas joel inbreeding, the sun newspaper subscription offers,Related: five nights at freddy’s 3 apk full version, what happened to durkee potato sticks, vandalia, il police blotter, salvadoran death traditions, what does the name amari mean for a boy, azerbaijan restaurant houston, wangan terminal project, pimco executive vice president salary, lying about separation for food stamps, how long does it take for a hamster to decompose, chipotle illness outbreak 2021, burton police scanner, horley news stabbing, fort peck tribes covid payment, shooting in americus, ga last night,Related: kurzawa funeral home obituaries, rachel healey jeff healey’s daughter, modelo beer font dafont, beowulf director’s cut differences, greenloop washington massacre, shooting in shelton, ct last night, baby squillo angela y agnese, what is poiesis according to heidegger, oak lawn restaurant closing, spode plates christmas, how to reactivate zillow account, como instalar prende tv en smart tv, the federal election commission quizlet, cook county building department, hamlin middle school bell schedule,

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