GN Company Participated the 2023 Indonesia Exhibition for Mining and Oil Industry

Recently, GN Solids Control, a leading manufacturer of solids control equipment and mining vibrating screens in China, made a significant impact at the 2023 Indonesia Exhibition for Mining and Oil. The visitors around the world came to learn about GN equipment at our stand.

The range of products, including shale shakers, decanter centrifuges, and HDD & CBM equipment packages, has found widespread adoption among Indonesian and other clients around the world. The shale shaker is the first step in solids separation equipment for coarse particles. and the centrifuge used to separate fine particles around 2-5 um. Besides, for the HDD and CBM equipment packages, we also introduce our mud system including skidded equipment and vacuum pump, which need the air supply but have very strong suction ability, for high solids materials.


2023.09.18 Indonesia Exhibtion

Besides, a great part of the equipment at the exhibition was our collaboration with GN Separation, including mining screens and screen panels. GN equipment was first welcomed in the oil and gas industry, and now also share a commitment to advancing the field of environmental waste treatment and mining industry. The GN booth attracted many local professors and managers, who were eager to engage in discussions about the latest industry projects and share our knowledge.

If you couldn’t visit the exhibition but are interested in GN and equipment in oil and mining, please visit our website or send an email to

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