A client from Middle East ever tried several pieces of GN’s shaker screen last year. This year, the client came back to GN and placed the order of nearly ten units drilling fluids shale shakers and a full container shaker screens.

“GN changed my thinking on China made screens, the screens I got from GN not only save my cost on purchasing, they also performs even better than I expected. You can make good screen, I think you can also make good shakers. ” Said by this client when gave this order to GN.

With the keeping improving and development, GN’s shale shaker has been upgraded most. After several versions released, now, GN’s shale shaker has below features:

  1. Simple structure and easy for operation. All most all the feedback from GN shaker users says that GN’s shaker is simple and easy to operate, this make the operator get used to it in a quite short time. No matter to run the shaker or screen replacing, it is easy and much time saved.
  2. Heat treatment on the complete shaker deck make it can bear the vibration G force up to 8. The patented technology on installing the rubber seal under the screen panels always attracts the clients.
  3. By changing different type mud feeder, GN’s shaker could be used for various purposed like primary mud recycling in the mud system or as a drying shaker in waste cuttings management.

GN will show the latest version of GN shaker on Beijing CIPPEthis March, welcome to GN Booth.

After brought in the new fabrication line, GN’s manufacturing capacity on shaker screens was considerably increased. The quality is also ensured.

  1. GN now is able to provide the shaker screens fixing on GN own shaker unit and the replacement screen of other well know brand shakers.
  2. Robert welding ensures the consistency of screen frame on the dimension and the out shape, which will make it easy for fixing on the shaker. 3-layer wire meshes from API 60 extents the lifetime of the screen.

Now GN has combination promotion policy on the drilling fluids shale shaker and shaker screens. Clients could get the shaker unit with large discount once the screens purchasing quantity reaches a certain number. Really attractive, especially at the time now the oil industry is raising up, more shaker units would be request in near future. For more information, please no hesitate to contact with GN.