solids control

GNCD series vertical cuttings dryer is a kind of single stage horizontal scraper centrifuge discharge of continuous work. GNCD series vertical drilling cuttings dryer can effectively recycle oils in the cuttings, processing capacity in 30 to 50 tons per hour, usually after processing  oil content lower than 3%, conform to the requirements of the typical 6% OOC.


GNCD series vertical cuttings dryer can be used in various types of drilling mud, it is mainly used for oil and compound base mud drilling cuttings. Similar to other solids control equipment, such as shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, cyclone separator, GNCD series vertical cuttings dryer processing capacity is depending on mud viscosity. And mud viscosity is determined by many factors, including solid content, grain size, types of drilling fluid and drilling fluid temperature.

With the constant improvement of environmental protection requirements, drilling company need a variety of solutions, to increase the solid-liquid separation technology to a new level. GN solids control  vertical cuttings dryer is a high speed vertical dryer, can seperate large-scale solid phase and liquid phase. It meets onshore and offshore drilling cuttings to deal with increasingly stringent environmental requirements, it become a key advantage for drilling company
GN solid control vertical cuttings dryer recycled large proportion of synthetic base mud and oil-base mud, and make it back to the mud circulating system. In the past, the recycling of mud as waste discharge to the environment. GN solids control vertical cuttings dryer cuttings percentage of oil (OOC) is reduced to below 5%, which conforms to the emission standard in many parts of the world today. In many parts of the world, our goal is to replace all oil-base mud drilling cuttings emissions into the environment of oil content down to 5% or less, or even lower down.

Characteristics and advantages:
1. The efficient solid-liquid separation, can minimize drilling cuttings of mud content, reduce the amount of waste processing.
2. Effective separation and a greater proportion of recycled slurry, and reuse in the mud circulating system, recycled by vibrating screen run pulp, mobile mast and mesh plug such as the loss of mud.
3. Commonly used wear parts to replace from the top device; Don’t need any mobile device, can replace the belt.
4. Interchangeable tungsten carbide rotor blade and the gear box,  avoid the excessive corrosion, reduce the failure of the main components.

OTC acrylic show is finish, that was hold in 2-5 May well, 2016, in Houston, ARIZONA, USA. After about three month’s preparation, GN Solids Control successfully finishes the actual OTC oil show. We certainly have two booths there to help deeper our brand affect, equipment for show including most recent model decanter centrifuge, newest model vertical cuttings dryer, High G drying shaker, shaker screen etc . The particular visitors can feel the premium quality and premium technology devices by touching and observing the real equipment at the special day.
1) Decanter centrifuge- add up to USA Brand
14inch decanter centrifuge is most popular for the reason that wide application and very good price. The application range contain mud weight cutting and also fine solids removal. And in addition for drilling waste management. Regarding the price, we targeted on high end market in addition to overseas market. this centrifuge is equivalent to Swaco 518 CENTRIFUGE / Derrick DE1000 centrifuge. But the price of USA centrifuge is much higher than our brand name. The price of GN SOLIDS COMMAND or GN Solids Ameirca is much better when compared with USA manufacturer.

2) vertical cuttings dryer – equal to CSI dryer
For OBM or BINQ, most client will decide on VERTICAL CUTTINGS DRYER, but also for WBM, you may choose Substantial G shaker for decrease operation cost.
GNCD930 straight cuttings dryer is used to get drilling cuttings treatment in rigsite or at one particular mud plant location exactly where all cuttings transport for the center location for ultimate treatment. After treatment of GN vertical cutting s dryer, the oil on cuttings can reduce to below five per cent. This is same working efficiency as CSI dryer or maybe SWACO dryer. GN usable cuttings dryer already placed in market for over 3 years, plus the mature product is benefiting much more drilling service companies, excellent price, stable working functionality and less maintenance.

3) Large G drying shaker
With regard to OBM or SBM, almost all client will choose STRAIGHT CUTTINGS DRYER, but for WBM, you may choose High Gary the gadget guy shaker for lower functioning cost. High G machine drying shaker is same as typical shale shaker. Just the Grams force is bigger. That unit is mostly used for normal water based mud drilling cuttings treatment. After treated, the particular oil on cuttings might be reduced to about 10% to 20%.

After OVER THE COUNTER oil show, GN Solids Control and drilling waste management equipment get endorsement from big clients in various countries. GN Solids Control will continue to do better to guide better the market.