drilling waste management

Afghanistan Oil Show was held on, may 5-8 in Tehran Armed forces europe this year. GN Solids Control brought the self developed classical model decanter centrifuge rapid GNLW363CG. As important acrylic show, all drilling firms, mud engineering service organizations, oil service companies as well as oil field trading corporations attend the show to learn latest news in this discipline.

GNLW363CG Decanter Centrifuge previously starts to serve the marketplace since 2014. This unit is improvement model of GNLW363AG and GNLW363BG. The secure working performance, longer life and higher treating capability give good reputation due to classical model centrifuge.

– With 14” bowl length and 50’’ bowl period, the length / diameter proportion over 3; the drilling mud would stay into the centrifuge screw auger to get longer time, thus dismissed solids can be much dryer, separation performance can be significantly better.
2 . Designed operation highest possible bowl speed can attain to 3200RPM, 2200RPM suggestions 2700RPM also available. The client are able to use lower speed for higher gravity solids separation; work with higher bowl speed regarding low gravity solids parting.
3. Bowl material will be produced by Duplex stainless steel 2205, this model material is way better than SS316L. The centrifugal casting technology applied for far better dynamic balance performances, that guarantee the centrifuge performing performance in high speed revolving.
3. Same direction with slurry feeding and solids moving inside the bowl, improve the flow rate within the bowl. This design raise the treating capacity of the centrifuge, even when deal with heavy mud.

Except for GNLW363CG star product centrifuge, we also have yet another Vertical cuttings dryer along with super working performance to get drilling waste management. Due to oil show higher cost, most of us only take the centrifuge right now there. Below chapter to give more info about GN vertical cuttings dryer

1 . GN Solids Control top to bottom cuttings dryer is to officially used on line / off brand drilling waste management, mostly to treat the drilling cuttings discharged from shale shaker, to separate the solids in addition to recycle the valuable oil-based drilling mud for using again
2 . GN vertical cuttings dryer is mainly used for oil-based mud drilling cuttings therapy. The oil on cuttings (OOC) can be reduced to help 3% to 5% following GN vertical cuttings dryer. The discharged dry solids can be transported to energy desorption unit for ultimate treatment. The clean drilling mud can be transfer in order to high speed decanter centrifuge to find the fine solids, so the mud density might be lower down which make it right for reuse
3. In the event that for water based drilling waste management, we highly recommend fixation unit or renforcement unit for final cure.

Mud of trenchless engineering also said drilling fluid, it is composed of water and clay Along with a drilling fluid additives, the main protecting hole wall, carries out of the hole drilling slag and cooling drilling tools.Mud in the construction process, due to the drilling slag continuously into the mud, mud density, viscosity, solid content, such as change, can not meet the requirement of the construction site on the properties of slurry, must be treatment or purification, mainly for solid-liquid separation, separate the mud drilling cuttings of emissions after recycling use.

1500 gpm mud recycling system
There are two Purification method, primary sedimentation tank and mechanical equipment. The tank processing need to occupy part of the land; water content in drilling slag is high during tank ceaning, make the mud flow, construction conditions become bad, and may cause environmental pollution and water pollution hazards. As modern society civilization consciousness and the unceasing enhancement of environmental consciousness, mud problem cause more and more attention to the environment, sludge treatment technology Operation and equipment is developed and bring to the market.
Sludge treatment technology at present mainly include shale shaker, desander, desilter and decanter centrifuge, according to the composition of slag, drilling mud treatment occasions and mud performance requirements, using different combination processing. International “the village” in Japan, Germany “fort”, “MS” France developed almost monopolized the international engineering market mud treatment equipment. In our country, municipal and other large-scale underground shield construction is introduced using the sludge treatment equipment in these companies. Offshore oil drilling platform also adopts complete set import mud treatment, in order to meet the requirements of Marine environmental protection and management of Marine dumping. Domestic construction system in sludge treatment equipment mainly from GN Solids Control. At present our company through years of domestic and international market of rig research has mainly developed the following processing equipment: GNMS – 150 (35 m3/h), GNMS – 200 (50 m3/h), GNMS – 350 (80 m 3/h), GNMS – 500 (120 m3/h), GNMS – 1000 (240 m3/h) this five categories equipment. Can also according to customer’s special requirement to customize the system.

Generally Drilling well mud treatment system including the mud production, mixing, reserve three functions, according to the customer’s demand and water required for the storage of drilling mud, oil-base mud or composite base mud, it is part of the operaton of oil and gas drilling. In practical applications. A drilling mud treatment system can provide mud for multiple drilling platform.


GN Solid control, specializing in the production of different kinds of mud system, like compact one, small mud system, large capacity mud system, HDD, oil drilling mud mud system, traditional river dredging and solid-liquid separation system, we all have rich experience in the design of the physical concept and production. We signed at the beginning of COSL a mud treatment station system, treatment station containing 17 mud tank. In October this year, we signed again from drilling mud treatment station customer contract in Africa. The system will provide drilling mud to customer’s three land RIGS drilling mud.

GN Solid Control produces the mud treatment system for Africa includes:
7 sets of mud tank with awnings
21 mixer used for slurry mixing and chemicals added and mixed
21 sets of mud gun, the design of rotary, cleaning can reach 360 degrees.
2 sets of slurry system used for slurry, 1 set of shear shearing unit used for chemical.
1 set of electric hoist lifting for chemicals
In addition to the above mud treatment system, we also signed three sets of decanter centrifuge and 3 cuttings dryer in the contract. Centrifuge and drilling cuttings dryer, the factory is producing other equipment and will delivery the customer site within this week.

On 25th April, 2016, after more than 3 years of structure, Hebei GN Solids Control second brand new factory come into service. The brand new factory is located in No . a few Industry Road, Dachang Chaobai River Development Area, and is particularly only 2km away from your head quarter office. In this fresh factory, it will be mainly used regarding producing Decanter centrifuge and Top to bottom cutting dryers . And the production is 3 hundred sets Decanter centrifuge a year, and 100 Vertical cutting dryers per year.
Since 3 years ago, Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd with its innovative technology, reliable performance, fine service, as its competitive strengths, win many clients from home and foreign countries. Along with exported its products to be able to more than 60 countries as well as area. And successively recognized its USA and The ussr office, and also have cooperate lending broker in Australia, the Middle eastern side, Latin America. GN offers more than 10 patented items, and also got United States API certification, European CEcertificaton, CU-TRU certification in Russia. Specifically GN has got a very good suggestions from its clients, and possesses signed contract with world-class large oil companies in a very long-term strategic cooperation arrangement.

GN new factory for centrifuge
Below picture is GN second new factory:
This is a brief introduction of GN Solids Control;
GN Solids Control was founded in 07 in hebei Tangshan. It has the previous name Tangshan GN Solids Control Co., Limited. The company registered capital regarding 30 million yuan, generation base is located in No . three or more Industry Road, Dachang Chaobai River Development Area (is only 30 kilometers faraway from Beijing international airport). The enormous has two manufacturing industrial facilities, the chaobai river manufacturing park with a total part of about 65000 square yards. The company has a full range involving mechanical processing and assessment equipment. Coating heat therapy equipment: automatic shot blasting machine, large automatic squirt chalk line, spray blow drying room, integrated heat treatment method equipment, solid melting tools. Blanking equipment has: CNC plasma cutting machine, flat screen cutting machine, bending unit, plate bending rolls, and so on Adding machine equipped with: imported big gantry pentahedron, many brought in machining center, shenyang unit tool CNC lathe a couple of, vertical lathe and so on. Additionally , the company has 2 pieces of dynamic balance musical instrument, three-dimensional detection arm regarding France, and automatic welding machine and other advanced control and testing equipment.

OTC acrylic show is finish, that was hold in 2-5 May well, 2016, in Houston, ARIZONA, USA. After about three month’s preparation, GN Solids Control successfully finishes the actual OTC oil show. We certainly have two booths there to help deeper our brand affect, equipment for show including most recent model decanter centrifuge, newest model vertical cuttings dryer, High G drying shaker, shaker screen etc . The particular visitors can feel the premium quality and premium technology devices by touching and observing the real equipment at the special day.
1) Decanter centrifuge- add up to USA Brand
14inch decanter centrifuge is most popular for the reason that wide application and very good price. The application range contain mud weight cutting and also fine solids removal. And in addition for drilling waste management. Regarding the price, we targeted on high end market in addition to overseas market. this centrifuge is equivalent to Swaco 518 CENTRIFUGE / Derrick DE1000 centrifuge. But the price of USA centrifuge is much higher than our brand name. The price of GN SOLIDS COMMAND or GN Solids Ameirca is much better when compared with USA manufacturer.

2) vertical cuttings dryer – equal to CSI dryer
For OBM or BINQ, most client will decide on VERTICAL CUTTINGS DRYER, but also for WBM, you may choose Substantial G shaker for decrease operation cost.
GNCD930 straight cuttings dryer is used to get drilling cuttings treatment in rigsite or at one particular mud plant location exactly where all cuttings transport for the center location for ultimate treatment. After treatment of GN vertical cutting s dryer, the oil on cuttings can reduce to below five per cent. This is same working efficiency as CSI dryer or maybe SWACO dryer. GN usable cuttings dryer already placed in market for over 3 years, plus the mature product is benefiting much more drilling service companies, excellent price, stable working functionality and less maintenance.

3) Large G drying shaker
With regard to OBM or SBM, almost all client will choose STRAIGHT CUTTINGS DRYER, but for WBM, you may choose High Gary the gadget guy shaker for lower functioning cost. High G machine drying shaker is same as typical shale shaker. Just the Grams force is bigger. That unit is mostly used for normal water based mud drilling cuttings treatment. After treated, the particular oil on cuttings might be reduced to about 10% to 20%.

After OVER THE COUNTER oil show, GN Solids Control and drilling waste management equipment get endorsement from big clients in various countries. GN Solids Control will continue to do better to guide better the market.