Top 1 China Solids Control Manufacturer

ADIPEC is said to be the largest oil show in Middle east and the third big one in scaned worldwide.

In 2012,more than 120 manufacturers over 350 people came to Abu Dhabi to attend the show.

One of the most attractive exhibitor is GN Solids Control,China top solids control and waste management specialist.They atracted many visitors and many clients have definite interest for cooperation.

Drilling fluids mixing hopper

Drilling fluids mixing hopper is at the last end of drilling fluids recycling loop system.

It is usually matched with centrifugal pump or shear pump..

Function of drilling fluids mixing hopper:

The unit is used to make up drilling fluid or increase total amount of the drilling fluid, change the fluid density, viscosity, and dehydration. When making up again, put the materials of drilling fluid (such as betonies and barite powder) and corresponding chemical additives (such as polymer) into the recycle tank through the jet unit.

Drilling desander

Desander is the third phase solids control equipment.It is usually followed shale shaker and next it is desilter.

Desander usually combined with a underfluid shale shaker, hydrocylone parts (usually 10’’)


Underfluids shale shaker is option. Hydrocyclone parts can match to match 2 ~ 3. Cone material choose from 100% Polyurethane (PU), with longer using lift,and interchangeable with Derrick.

Flexable fast connection are available for user friendly assy.

GN Vacuum Degasser for sale

Vacuum Degasser is one the important equipment for oil drilling mud system for separation the gas from drilling fluids to keep the balance of the mud.

GN have around 10 Vacuum degasser in stock for sale

GNCQ Series Vacuum Degassers that are able to service the needs of any application .It is usually fixed after the shakers. Each degasser effectively and efficiently removes gases from gas-cut mud, thus ensuring that the proper mud weight is pumped down hole. In doing so, the degasserss are able to aid in the prevention of potential blowouts. Unlike the traditional vacuum degasser, GNCQ vacuum degasser is a self-contained unit. The gas-cut mud is drawn into the degasser by a vacuum created by a regenerative vacuum without needing centrifugal pump .Moreover, GN degasser can act as a big agitator for the drilling mud, which helps the treatment for desander and desilter. GN also have Atmospheric/Centrifugal Degasser available as an alternative to the standard vacuum type degasser.

GN Decanter Centrifuge for Sale

GN have around 20 Decanter Centrifuge in stock for sale.

With over 400 decanter centrifuge operation in the world,GN is producting around 150 decanter centrifuge every year.

Introduction of Decanter Centrifuge.

Decanter Centrifuge is a machine for the continuous sedimentation of suspended solids from a liquid by the action of centrifugal force in an elongated rotating bowl.Continuous unloading of solids from the centrifuge bowl is made possible by a conveyor which rotates in the same direction as the bowl but at a slightly different speed.

PRINCIPLE COMPONENTS for Decanter Centrifuge.

1.Centrifuge Bowl (or drum)

2. Centrifuge Conveyor (or scroll)

3. Gearbox

4. Frame and collecting vessel

5. Feed inlet and distribution