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Nice desilter from GN Solids Control. All 2’’ desilter cones are in -line, compact in structure. Solids can be dischaged from side. Do you want to buy?

For Sinopec CBM drilling project in Indonesia,GN provided 2 CBM drilling mud systems to them.

Coal-Bed Methane – CBM Drilling
Coal-Bed Methane (CBM) Drilling is performed with rotary and core drilling equipment.   Rotary rigs are used to drill and set casing for production wells, and, along with core drills, are used to drill long directionally-drilled holes into coal seams from which
coal-bed methane gas is extracted.  Due to the occurrence of gas, blow-out preventers are often needed.CBM drilling mud system is very important for CBM

This discription is from GN Solids Control customer: