The Units of the Vacuum Truck Sludge Treatment System

The Vacuum Truck Sludge Treatment System is mainly composed of a receiving and flushing unit, a primary sand screening unit, a secondary screening and cyclone separation unit, and a dosing flocculation unit. Auxiliary equipment includes a horizontal slurry pump, a screw conveyor, a material collection box (ie cuttings box), and connecting tubes. The schematic diagram of the system structure in the vacuum truck sludge tank.

1. Receiving and flushing unit

These units receive incoming material from the vacuum truck. First, remove large chunks of material, braids, plastics, and other debris with steel grating. Then, it is cleaned by the high-pressure nozzle. In this way, the solid phase material is sent out by the screw to the inlet of the conveying screw to the primary screening unit, and at the same time, the excess slurry is transported to the secondary screening and cyclone unit by the horizontal slurry pump. The structure of receiving and flushing unit. It is mainly composed of a large material receiving hopper, the railway boarding ladder and railway grids, and the screw conveyor.

2. Primary sand screening unit

The structure of the primary sand screening unit. It mainly consists of the escalator with the guardrail, an electric control panel, 2 sets of GNJBQ055F agitators, the side door access platform (the walkway with the guardrail), an FG-10 transition tank, a ZKR-1236 shale shaker, and a GN100YZ100-30 submersible slurry pump, a cuttings box (self-provided) and spraying guns.

3. Secondary screening and cyclone separation unit

The structure of the secondary screening and cyclone separation unit is shown in Figure 4 next page. It is composed of an FG-30 mud tank, a GNZS706F-SGZF vibrating shaker, a GN100YZ100-30B submersible slurry pump, a GNZJ703F-12N desilter, a GNJBQ110FD agitator, the lighting, the railway boarding ladder, the railway girds, an electric control panel, a cuttings box (self-provided) and tubes-connected spraying guns.

GNZS706F vibrating shaker is a double-deck vibrating shaker. The upper screen is a stainless-steel slit mesh with an opening size of 1 mm, and the lower screen is API 40, with an opening size of 390-462 μm, made of stainless steel wire mesh thermocompressed with composite materials. This vibrating shaker can separate the solid phase particles ≥ 462μm in the mud.

4. Dosing flocculation unit

The overall structure of the centrifugal dosing flocculation purification unit. It consists of two layers of containers with safety steps. The details of the upper container where the centrifuge is installed, which mainly consists of the GNLW553C-VFD centrifuge, a VFD electric control panel, a screw conveyor, the lighting, and other equipment. The details of the lower container where the dosing system is installed, which includes a dosing system (dispensing tank, the agitator, the storage tank, a dosing pump, and the electric control panel), a GNG40-110C screw pump (for slurry supplying), the side door access platform (the railway steps and steel grids), the lighting, etc.

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